Software solutions that increase law enforcement efficiency.

Coplogic’s software products and services are designed by current and former law enforcement personnel with over 100 years of combined experience.

  • DeskOfficer Online Reporting System (DORS)

    DORS is Coplogic’s industry-leading citizen online reporting system. DORS generates an incredible savings in time and allows agencies to better reallocate resources to proactively face crime trends and better meet the needs of the community. Agencies using DORS have reported taking in anywhere from 10 to 30% of all reports without dispatching an officer. Click here to learn more about DORS.

  • Law Enforcement Automated Personnel System (LEAPS)

    LEAPS is a premier law enforcement personnel management and training solution consisting of a fully automated field training piece and a complete employee training compliance system. LEAPS enables command staff to quickly monitor recruit status, training officers to easily assign and organize daily reports, and recruits to access all of their "knowledge" online. The on-going training piece provides training administrators the ability to ensure agency-wide compliance with certifications, minimum training requirements, and yearly personnel evaluations among other important documentation. Click here to learn more about LEAPS.

  • Overtime Manager and Scheduling System (OTMS)

    OTMS simplifies the process of posting and signing up for overtime, extra-duty, and regular shifts so that officers no longer have to come in on days off to scour the many sign-up sheets posted on briefing room walls. OTMS gives supervisors the ability to create and post available shifts online for officers to access and sign up for. Notifications of available shifts can be sent to users via email or text and can even be signed up any Internet-enabled mobile device. In seconds, supervisors can determine who is available to work certain last minute shifts based on preferences set by officers. Click here to learn more OTMS.